What does your home mean to you?

If you view it as a safe haven, as the center of genuine love, you understand why the visual and physical comfort of your home matters. We believe your home tells the story of your family, and we’re here to make sure that story is told with elegant  truth.

At Marie Antoinette Interiors, we believe in serving you where you need us most. Whether you are looking for a single room refresh, a complete remodel, or somewhere in between, we can manage your project from initial concept to completion.



“She was very engaging and attentive.”

Toni is an incredible professional interior designer — always punctual and followed up on our appointments.

She was very engaged and attentive to our vision for our home. She helped us find furniture and pieces to add, while keeping our costs low by reusing and rearranging what we already had.

She is the best!

“…in awe of your expertise!”

Thank you for your upbeat can-do attitude towards a unique situation regarding a major focal point in our home. We are elated by the beautiful cohesiveness and openness created by the perfect choice of fabric, style of valances and designer screen shades. Even with the shades down in the morning, the view gives one a spirit of joy and openness.

Toni, we are in awe of your expertise to create and execute a well-designed and well-made product. Our hats are off to you and your skilled, seasoned artisans.

“It was wonderful!”

Toni was such a great help and inspiration to us when we re-designed our family room. Her sense of design and color was wonderful.

When my daughter was having her family room remodeled I knew Toni could be a great help to her. Giving her the gift of a consultation with Toni was something I knew she and her family would be very happy with.
— PAT L.

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Let’s create a beautiful space together.