In your own words...

Toni is an incredible professional interior designer -- always punctual and followed up on our appointments. She was very engaged and attentive to our vision for our home. She helped us find furniture and pieces to add, while keeping our costs low by reusing and rearranging what we already had. She is the best!!!
~ Valerie Westbrook, Livermore, Ca.
“Toni I absolutely love the drapery! You said it all, it finishes the room! I didn't realize how stark naked it looked until I came home last night and I thought, YES it’s finished, Perfect!  The result was absolutely fantastic and provided the finishing touch to our living and dining room. Thank you Toni for all your help”!  
~Linda Adams, San Ramon, Ca.  
"Toni was such a great help and inspiration to us when we re-designed our family room. Her sense of design and color was wonderful. So when my daughter was having her family room remodeled I knew Toni could be a great help to her.  Giving her the gift of a consultation with Toni was something I knew she and her family would be very happy with."
~Pat O'Laughlin, Sunol, Ca.
"Toni, I can't thank you enough for all the help you gave Marcella and I. Your design skills, mediation ability and caring demeanor are most appreciated. We absolutely love our new home. It really has a wow factor that it has never had before."
~Robert and Marcella Hedrickson, Walnut Creek, Ca.

"Most recently I used Toni's wonderful services to finalize the interior decor needs of my new law office.

Toni's was able to assess the missing pieces and final touches that would bring together a law office environment that was professional, yet warm and inviting.

Toni's assistance was an invaluable asset as she was able to do the leg work and thereby save me time and money.

The end result is a wonderful environment where clients and colleagues alike are very comfortable.

I was familiar with Toni's work and her ability to create warm, welcoming, yet professional office environments from her work at my prior firm.

In that setting she was able to start literally from scratch and create a beautiful, yet highly functioning law office environment.

I have also worked with Toni in my home. There she was able to assist us in bringing together a coordinated, warm look for our "great room" area - which serves as family room, living room, dining room, den and computer room. We were all very pleased with the results.

Whether you are in need of help with a small project, a new space, or a complete overhaul - Toni is uniquely qualified to assist you.

She is able to work within budget guidelines and still produce high quality, beautiful results."

~ Jennifer Thaete, Livermore, Ca.

"Toni, you are a true and devoted friend to us . We have known you since 1994 when we started to blend our homes and lives at the Brantford Court home. Well, that was the beginning to your expert guidance through all of our decorating phases that have so perfectly suited our changing family needs and wishes.
We plan to continue working with you long distance thanks to photo technology and emails. We have put your advice regarding our kitchen remodel and decorating tips for our new living areas to work already.
So, the adventure with Marie Antoinette Interiors continues like a good saga.
 May you continue to enjoy bringing beauty into all the lives you touch."

I have more to tell you about our house and just how we are working through our

 projects. Needless to say, I am using all of your valuable design knowledge that you

 have taught me. Whenever I am considering furniture, color, placement of accents on
 our vast bookshelves I ask myself, "what would Toni do with this?" So you see I am
 channeling you nearly every day!
A final comment and compliment by way of the new family in our old home.
Apparently the buyers hired an interior designer to consult for a new bathroom. She
toured the house and noticed the beautiful windows in the master bedroom. She said
 that wasn't a window treatment. It was jewelry! She loved the look as do the new
 owners. Your sophisticated design remains fresh and pleasing to all who see it".
~ Laurie Brunell, Garden Ridge, Texas

"Thank you for your upbeat can do attitude towards a unique situation regarding a major focal point in our home.  We are elated by the beautiful cohesiveness and openness created by the perfect choice of fabric, style of valances and designer screen shades.  Even with the shades down in the morning, the view gives one a spirit of joy and openness.  Toni, we are in awe of your expertise to create and execute a well-designed and well-made product.  Our hats are off to you and your skilled, seasoned artisans."

~Pete and Carmella O.


"We recently had the pleasure to work with Toni at Marie Antoinette Interiors
for a room remodeling project. She is very pleasant to work with, has great ideas, excellent taste and is a great source of technical help
or advice for any  problem that might arise during your project.
She is very honest and gives you the best business solution for your needs. Maybe the best thing, she doesn't inject her personal opinion into the process, instead she embraces your preference with her designing expertise. Very helpful.
We are looking forward to working with her again and
would recommend her with no hesitation."

~Maria and David Garibaldi


"Toni thank you again for meeting me at the church yesterday.
Color is the most important part of any project and you, once again,
  have proved yourself to be a wiz! 
Irma & the elders of the church really had NO idea where they wanted to go in terms of color.  When you came up with the beautiful blue scheme,
 you could see them all just light up! 
Thank you again--and again and again--
for your gracious help with our Project Color efforts!"
Julie Arcino
Operations Manager
MB Jessee Inc.

"Toni Berry of Marie Antoinette Interiors selected a stunning combination of exterior colors for my home. She was efficient, professional and extremely talented in her approach in sizing up what my home exterior needed for a new look. She is a competent and confident professional. I highly recommend her services.
~ Beth Moore"

"Hi Toni, The usual comment is, “Oh, you finally finished your living room”,
and my usual response is,“Oh yes but actually I just made a phone call”!
I have watched decorating shows for years on how to rearrange furniture
 (not that I learned very much) but you did it all at once.
You rearranged the furniture, brought in pillows in the right colors and fabrics to add that pop of brightness across the room, brought in a tall tree and flower arrangements to finish off the details, and it was done!
 And all within my modest budget. Thanks so much! ~Roseanne Slingsby, Pleasanton”

"Dear Toni, Nita enjoyed our home largely due to the beautiful fabrics and interior design work that you did.  She was very proud of how lovely and professionally decorated our home looked.
 It is a comfort to me that I could bring her home from the hospital and let her pass away in the home she loved. Thank you so much for all the care and all you've done for us. ~Lee McGalliard"

"Toni, Thanks much for your help with everything. I am really enjoying my home now, and Amelia thinks it looks like a model home.
Your help has been invaluable, and I will definitely recommend you to friends and associates. ~Sydney F."

"Hi Toni ...wanted to let you know that we so enjoyed our new living room over the holidays,-both Jason and I. What a pleasure it is to entertain now! We truly appreciate all of your hard work and expertise.
It makes a big difference. ~Anne C. "

"Toni, Thank you so much,  I have thoroughly enjoyed working with you on all the projects you have helped me with. You have made my home a more beautiful place! I appreciate all the time and effort you have put into my projects and most of all your patience with me:) You are very talented at what you do and I look forward to working with you for a long time to come. Our master bedroom is absolutely beautiful, I couldn't be more happy with it. Thanks again and all the best! ~Sarah C."
"Dear Toni, ...wanted to thank you again for your consultation on our re-model.  We are very excited and plan on discussing all your ideas with our contractor.  Your straight talk has cleared a lot of the cobwebs out of my head, and I think your advice may be the single most important investment of this project.
Best Regards, ~ Patrice V."
"Toni, ...I so appreciate all of your efforts and attention to the fine details.  I'm having a wonderful time working with you and the bedroom is such a delight and feels truly luxurious.  It has been worth the wait?
Sincerely, ~Laurie B."

"Toni, Thanks so much for your help yesterday. I feel so much better about the paint colors now. And your suggestion to remove the porch railing is great – I never really looked at our home the way you did.
Thanks again for saving us from hours of frustration. ~Carole T."

"As always I had a wonderful time with you yesterday. I could see that you put a lot of thought into all of the fabric possibilities for just 2 big pillows. You are amazing! I was especially excited about your vision for our living room. Don really liked the black couch, room plan, and art gallery configuration for the red wall. So, I guess the piano bench pillow is the first step to a new LR process. Hallelujah!
Thanks again for the fun time yesterday.~Laurie B."

"We use Toni frequently to do color consults for our clients. She has a terrific eye for color & connects easily with homeowners. She is really able to hear what people are saying--and not saying--to discover the best colors for them. Toni is an incredibly creative designer and a joy to work with!
I can't recommend her highly enough. ~Julie A. MB Jessee Painting"

"I've had the pleasure of working with Toni for several years and I can't say enough good things about her. Toni offers her clients her full attention, great service and follow through. She knows her fabrics, fixtures and furniture, and can pinpoint exactly what will work in your home. She has a roster of skilled professionals to sew, paint and hang. As a Professional Organizer, my clients love that she presents them with options that work within their budgets. I am very pleased to have Toni on my team.
~Gayle Grace, Professional Organizer at All Thing Home."