If you’ve ever had to purchase ready made draperies in a bag you know it’s exhausting and disappointing. Hours of guessing at what style would be suitable for the room, measuring that frustrates you because you don’t know what to measure wall or window, few choices and bad selection, limited sizes, inferior workmanship, fabrics that hang poorly with patterns that don’t match, and imports from countries whose name we can scarcely pronounce!

But if you’ve ever seen beautiful custom draperies that fit the style of the room, are installed correctly and on the right wall placement, folds and pleats that are uniform, patterns that match with fullness that is appropriate to the style….you will know instantly that these are real draperies! They may cost a bit more but in the end….they are worth every penny! Here are the 5 reasons why you should have “custom draperies”!

Drapery Fabricut.JPG

1. A world of choices. Colors, fabrics, trim, hardware….the list is endless and our selection is too. With hundreds of options to choose from, we’ll help you find a perfect fit. Every detail is matched to your style for a custom look that lights up the entire room.

2. The perfect fit. Forget the guesswork and leave the measurement to us! Our meticulous tailoring creates draperies that fit any size or shape window seamlessly. Exact measurements create a crisp and clean look that ties the whole picture together. From simply to elaborate, floor skimming to pudding, our draperies are made in all lengths and widths for a look you’ll love now and for years to come.


3. Get your fill. The secret to drapes is the fullness of fabric. We’ll never leave your drapes just hanging there limp and droopy. We carefully and meticulously specify the right amount of fullness, usually two to three times the amount used in ready made drapery, to accentuate the stylish pleats and folds of the choice fabric and style.

4. What’s inside counts. Our custom drapery considers both inside and out with a range of linings and interlinings that aid in light control and insulation. This simple addition, not only protects your fabric, adds years of life to the drapery, lowers your energy bill, but also adds extra body that keeps the shape and style of your drapes looking gorgeous.


5. A strong finish. Our highly skilled American seamstresses meticulously cut fabrics and construct each piece with eloquent precision, making sure the patterns match precisely. Each piece is custom finished with double turned weighted bottom hems for a dose of extra body. Our exacting detail guarantees your draperies will hang as they should with stunning effects.

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The team at Marie Antoinette Interiors are highly skilled experts bringing creative styles, beautiful workmanship and endless choices to the comfort of your home.


And worth every penny!