What does "Bespoke" mean and why am I using this word?

After seeing the word “Bespoke” in the tagline of my Newsletter my sister in law questioned its meaning. She’s a wonderful sewer, has an eye for the finer details that sewing demands, and is passionate about sewing. Shortly thereafter a past client received the Newsletter and she too, along with her husband asked, “What the heck is bespoke and why are you suddenly using it”? That’s two people, both reading my newsletter and inquiring its denotation! As Lucille Ball would say "I got some splaining to do"! Ladies and gentleman here, after doing a quick google search, is its meaning… Goods, especially clothing, made to order. A bespoke suit dealing in or producing custom-made articles as a bespoke tailor.

Not by chance but intentionally created by design, and made entirely by specific measurement that fit perfectly!

I like my definition better: It means the opposite of off-the-rack or in clothing and in home fashions the opposite of mass-produced. Bespoke clothing like soft home furnishings is custom-made. It is NOT made to measure because a made-to-measure item is a standard, and simply customized at the factory in certain measurements and details. Bespoke is made from scratch by skilled craftspeople to your, or in my case my, specifications. 

The details are also created in the design, much of which require hand stitching not a sewing machine.

We designers like to make this distinction carefully because after all the price reflects the cost of goods but also the cost of labor and most importantly the cost of our creative brains when we design something absolutely fabulous for your home and YOU which NO ONE else will have exactly like yours! 

This pillow was created with purpose, it had to carry the drama in the room along side the not seen black baby grand piano.

“Bespoke Soft Home Furnishings" will always be a one of a kind product that graces your home and on one else's! 

The hem and trim detailing is impeccable.

The finely tuned pleating that is just perfect!

The over all design from a distance gracing the room and up close without a thread out of place.

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