2018 Trend Watch and Decorating Tips to Apply Them to Your Home

Decorating Tip:

Don’t paint it white, let it be natural. Many

reproductions of vintage rattan

are creeping up everywhere. Use a rattan chair and ottoman in a traditional living room and watch the entire room become less serious! Add a large rattan chair at the head of the table and wow your guests, who will get to be queen for the evening? YOU!

It was certainly on trend last year in drapery fabrics and this year it’s expanded into upholstery goods as well.

Decorating Tip:

Use it as the main primary fabric in a room instead of the accent fabric. In keeping with the

black, white and gray theme

, by using it on a large sofa or arm chair the accent fabrics can be bold and bright to make a statement.

No color on the color wheel has more positive physiological benefits than blue! In velvet or suede it means business, in cotton or linen it means casual elegance and in menswear wool it means smart!

Decorator Tip:

An indigo blue element accent within a room gives it a sparkle. So if your room is drab and lacking luster give it a bit of

Indigo as a lamp base, a large bowl on the table or a throw rug


Use this old stand-by to update any surface. Not all of us can just trade out our tile kitchens with beautiful slabs of Italian Marble! But we can get the “look” by installing large marble tiles on the backsplashes.

Decorator Tip:

Marble wallpaper can be impressively realistic, install it in a small powder room for a luxurious look! You can also purchase

small accent tables with marble bases and tops

to add as a bedside table instead of the big chunky wood one! It’s a sure solution to updating any space!

Final Decorating Tip: Call a decorator to update your space if you don’t have the time or energy to do so! We watch trends, we know our business, and we know instinctively how to “re-style” a space without breaking the bank!