My Fall and Thanksgiving Centerpiece Recipe

Looking for some inspiration? Don't have time for decorating your entire home in a Fall Décor? Well who does?  I have a quick solution for you and if you ONLY do this one thing and you place this one thing in the middle of your dining table, buffet or entrance console you will have your Fall Decor done and in the bag! Then you can get on with life and enjoy the season of Thanksgiving.

Bay Laurel Leafs are so fragrant and beautiful.

This simple but stunning table decoration will last for an entire month on your table (or where ever you place it) and will surely impress your dinner guests when you are ready to entertain.

Armed with fall produce (from your super market), fallen leaves and branches and a few “already have it” finds, you can easily transform your table into a harvest-inspired haven.

  Here's what you'll need....

One Large Plater (like the one you serve turkey on)

Eggplants, Pomegranates, Artichokes, Pumpkins of varied colors and sizes

Nuts (in shells) /Walnuts, Almonds

Bay Laurel Branches

Turkey or Pheasant Feathers

PUT IT TOGETHER: Center the largest of the vegetables on the plater. Pictured here is a large white pumpkin on a white plater. Add the smaller vegetables around it. Insert short small twigs of Bay Laurel in-between the vegetables. Toss in as many nuts as you can.

Layout more Bay Laurel branches on the table and circling the plater. On top of the branches add a few more pumpkins in a random order and add more nuts. The final step is to insert the feathers in and around the entire centerpiece.


If your tablecloth is dark in color use a white or ivory plater to contrast.

If the tablecloth is light do the opposite, use a dark plater. The idea is to bring texture and contrast.

Need more inspiration give a look at this post and be inspired!