4 Designer Styling Tips That Will Make Your Home Feel Like I’ve Been There

Many decorators and designers have their go-to tips that they use regularly to make homes look beautiful. Well, I am no different, so today I’d like to share my top 4 styling tips that I use time and again for quick results that get noticed. These foolproof ideas can solve many of your design dilemmas in almost any room. Try them, like them, keep them! You’re welcome!

Make the plant large and full and it will always look at home. Via Pinterest


Some designers will tell you putting a plant in an empty corner is a huge no-no, suggesting that an empty corner means the room wasn’t correctly arranged or planned out in the first place. But I often find that plants get forgotten when it comes to designing rooms. So I say, if you ever have a free space for a lively green plant, don’t be afraid to use one.

The trick to ensuring that your corner plant looks like an intentional design feature and not simply an accident is to go for something large and leafy enough to hold its own against your other furnishings. For best results, choose a simple but chunky container that’s at least 3 to 4 feet tall, so that the plant visually fills the floor space and wall space.

Books are wonderful for adding height, texture and interest. There is no such thing as too few books. Via Pinterest


. Besides being great brain candy, having attractive books on hand gives you the tools to correct endless little decor dilemmas.

Is a vase or sculpture looking too small and wimpy? Sit it on a book or two, and suddenly it’s a precious object on a pedestal. One bedside lamp shorter than the other? Use a few books to add height where needed and achieve a perfect symmetry. Wherever you have an empty shelf, or a ho-hum display that could use a little accessorizing, simply pull out a great oversize book or two, and you’ve got endless options for decorating like a true stylista.

When art is displayed off center or asymmetrically it adds a sense of drama and interest.


. Is that favorite framed keepsake a little too small for the wall? Not when it’s off-center on purpose. Anyone can hang a perfectly sized piece centered over a sofa or bed, but if you have a must-display piece that doesn’t happen to be the right dimensions, try hanging it off to one side and a little low for a quirky asymmetrical look that feels artistic. The same strategy works on a shelf or mantel, or over a table. Just remember: “low and off to one side,” and let that otherwise wimpy piece become a stroke of decorating genius.

The perfect way to add a sense of casualness to a room, just throw one or two of these on the bed, sofa, chair or all three! Via Pinterest


. A gorgeous throw blanket is the decor equivalent of the garnish on an exquisite meal, giving a room a sense of life, casual elegance and a dash of color or texture. I’m an avowed fan of classic white linens, but a throw blanket spread quickly over the foot of the bed in the morning lends an inviting air that you’ll appreciate when you come back at night. Don’t get too fussy with a throw blanket. After all, it’s called a “throw” for a reason. When everything else in the space carries clean lines, a casually tossed throw provides some needed softness. Invest in a high-quality, natural-fiber blanket with rich color and an enticing hand-feel, and you’ll be able to use it in different rooms for years of style.

These are just 4 of my favorites! I have so many more! If you tried them but still are not satisfied with the way your room looks, don’t fret! Contact me and we’ll schedule an appointment and I’ll bring so many more styling techniques that will make a huge difference in the comfort and esthetics of your home.