Still not satisfied with the look of just shutters? 
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Many of my clients believe that, with shutters on their windows, draperies are not necessary. But shuttered windows with draperies can still function perfectly, and the draperies serve to warm the room physically and aesthetically!

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When it comes to window treatments I must admit I am a lover of drapery. To me, they finish off a room, make it look tailored and elegant and add coziness that is hard to recreate with other window treatments.
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Draperies don’t necessarily suit every room of every house or every budget, and they don’t have to be voluminous and puddling all over the floor, but they do have their advantages, and not just for privacy. Not forgetting they are also another opportunity to use a lot of gorgeous fabric.
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Often we assume you have to have one or the other, drapery or shutters. But why not have both? Have you considered combining plantation shutters with draperies in your home? We often have blinds and drapery, but most of the time shutters are used on their own.

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If you are concerned about expense, and who isn’t, you don’t have to be able to draw them open or closed, just a hanging panel either side  of the window is enough to get the effect without having the a huge cost.

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So, if you decide to use plantation shutters for their functional features, think about using drapery as well, for the aesthetic benefits. In fact, I think draperies are a great way to soften the look of shutters and bring a warmth, softness and cosines to a room. They just finish off the room completely.

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