The Devil Wears "Cerulean Blue"!

Looking for a new color to paint your walls?  Don't be scared to use COLOR!
Scared to jump in the deep end of that blue pool? It's OK, you can do it!
Thinking of blue maybe? I have the perfect blue for you!
How about “Cerulean Blue”! 
Cerulean Blue is hard to describe in words but if you remember Meryl Streep’s monologue in The Devil Wears Prada you’d likely not forget it! Here's a clip of monologue to jar your memory!

The mesmerizing Cerulean Blue can be seen in everything from drinks to gowns!

Cerulean blue is a soothing, calming color that also evokes feelings of peace and confidence. Some of the mixed attributes of light shades of turquoise can be attributed to cerulean including femininity and an association with the American Southwest. Use cerulean blue when you want to symbolize a clear, blue sky.
It is a blue that works well with white ceilings, baseboards and wood trim!  The white counter balance is perfectly suited to it.

Cerulean Blue can also be used as an accent color next to another blue like Turquoise as seen above.