Toni Talk ~ 9 Ways To Transform The Staircase"!

Q: Dear Toni....I have a staircase that is just calling for some interest! I recently removed all the carpet from it because it was worn and dingy! And now it's so boring. Since it's the first thing you see upon stepping into my home through the front door, well,  it needs something. But what? I don't  need it to be expensive, I just need it to be interesting!

A: Paint it, wallpaper it, tile it, decal it, and have some fun with it! All the staircases below require LITTLE $$$ but the return on investment value is BIG! Add a little elbow grease...boom!

From Apartment Therapy by Jim Lambie
Totally fun and colorful. Love this idea for a white walled entry! Get your brush and painters masking tape and go for it!
From Pinterest
More paint this time each riser is a different gradation of Blue. Adds life to the wood trim!

From Pinterest
Now this is one of my favorites. For those book collectors amongst's how to honor the classics! This may take some time, but you could employ a student artist to get create it for you.
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