4 Decorating Steps To New Accessories

Have you put away all your Holiday décor yet? If you have then I’ll bet your home looks a bit empty doesn’t it? Well NOW is the time to seize the moment and re-style your home with all the accessories you already have and give your home a whole new, fresh, never been seen before look!

Light objects against dark wood look more important.
Do you do this? You take down and put away all your holiday décor and then you put back, (in exactly the same place), all your old accessories that you cleared away before the holidays!  If I have served you in your home for a “re-styling decorating session” then you already know how I accomplish this.  But if not, now in just 4 easy steps, you’ll find out! Roll up your sleeves…here we go!
Use books to get height. Use different textures for visual interest.
First: Place all of your old accessories on a large table or on the floor in groups (or piles). For example, all books in one area, vases in another and pictures in another. Repeat with all of your treasures. And pull items from other rooms to include in these groupings.

Use a mirrored tray to gather different objects into groupings.
Second: Enthusiastically hunt through cabinets, closets or storage room to bring out pieces you haven’t used in a while (like years). It might be time to bring a few out of hiding and into your home. If you have pieces you know you don’t want to ever display (or you dislike), now might be good time to pass them onto others.  

Colored objects displayed by theme against black and white make a statement.
Third: Now “shop” from your groupings or piles! This is the fun part! Start with the largest piece (lamp or tall decorative container) and work around that, building the display in varying degrees of height. Mix in textures, a table of glass vases would look great with a wooden object. Use trays to display small groupings. Use stacked books to elevate objects that are short.  Gather items by color or by theme.

Fourth: Once one area is done move on to the next. Don’t go back and pull items, try to get the best display you can and move on. Live with the new look for a few days and edit as needed. Sometimes taking one piece away makes all the difference in the balance!

TONI’S DECORATING TIP: Think about displaying mundane and everyday things in new ways. For instance a favorite necklace that you love but rarely ware would look great in a lovely crystal dish on an end table draped in burlap. Take the photo out of the expensive silver frame and replace it with a treasured old note and display it somewhere where you’ll see it every day.
The idea is to use the same accessories in a new creative ways by grouping them in vignettes. The start of a New Year is a great time to re-style with your accessories.

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Thanks so much and here’s to a wonderful 2016!