The Cutting "Ledge" of Home Design

by Toni Berry I.F.D.A. of Marie Antoinette Interiors

We all have photos and artwork in frames that we’d love to display in our homes. The problem is arranging them nicely on the wall without going overboard. However, when hanging anything on the wall, we run into the problem of not really being able to make changes without leaving small holes throughout. Enter the ledge – or a narrow shelf just deep enough to hold a frame.

Ledges and wall color can be the same to give the staircase a casual effect!

A ledge along the stairs helps keep your frames organized and accessible. You can keep your stairwell clean, simple, and interesting by adding ledges.

Clean and organized white is used as a "pop" color against the neutral wall color!

For a cohesive look, have the ledges match the railings of your stairs. You can even have the frame match so it appears as a set instead of individual frames.

It's all about the pictures, NOT the ledges!
A counter height ledge is a great way to border wainscoting and display all of your favorite photos. Your houseguests will have an easy time viewing all of your wonderful photos.

Besides the art/photos leaning on the ledges you can hang more art/photos in the void wall spaces!
Ledges can be used anywhere in your home. They make a great gallery wall and you can add depth to your design which you cannot do if you simply hang frames.

On wide short walls, use ledges to break up the space.
Ledges add a versatile element to your room design, and they are easily installed!
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