Hunter Douglas PowerView Motorization...We have an App for that!

Wouldn’t it be nice to close your window shades by pushing a button? Better yet, wouldn’t it be nice not to have to worry about the shades at all because they are on a schedule and will move on their own? That can be achieved with PowerView, the new motorization system from Hunter Douglas!

PowerView does more than just opening and closing. It brings simplicity and technology into your home - with the added benefit of safety since there are no messy cords hanging around. With multiple control options including an app for your smartphone or tablet, creating the perfect light control for your home is even easier.

The greatest thing about PowerView is the app! Available on most smartphones and tablets, the PowerView app lets you customize each shade individually or entire rooms. With the app, you can set up different scenes, like all of your shades rising when the sun does (or perhaps a little later!).

Another great feature of the app is RemoteConnect. It allows you to control your shades from anywhere. Did you arrive at work and realize you forgot to close your shade? Not a problem, just open the app and close them! Or maybe you left on vacation and didn’t schedule your scene to open and close your shades as if you were home. Again, just open the app and schedule that scene! Then enjoy your vacation knowing your shades will open and close like you never left.

For those of you who don’t consider yourself tech savvy, fear not. PowerView is extremely easy to set up. All you have to do is plug the PowerView Hub into a power source and your wireless router and you’re in business!

If apps just aren’t for you, PowerView does have a remote as well and it’s called the Pebble. Each remote can control up to six windows, and you can set favorite positions for each window. The remote can be mounted on the wall, or in the handheld Pebble. The Pebble is ergonomically designed and available in seven great colors to match your house. If you lose remotes often, the bright green color might be a good choice for you, it will stand out!

Don’t worry if your windows aren’t wired for motors. PowerView runs on 12 AA batteries in an easily accessible little compartment that sits behind the shade.

Here at Marie Antoinette Interiors, we offer the full range of Hunter Douglas products, and almost all are available with the motorized PowerView! So give us a call if you’re ready to simplify your life with the ease of PowerView.