I want that exact color on my walls! Color Consultation Please!

Fabric by Robert Allen Fabrics,
colors by Benjamin Moore Paint
“I like the colors in this scarf”, she said! “Oh I love the print colors in this Hallmark wrapping paper!”  Or let’s not forget this one, “I want the colors of the pattern printed on my sun dress, the yellow in the lemons, that’s the one!”  These are just a few of the requests I hear from folks when they ask me to chose a wall color for their homes. I’ve been known to get it just right 99% of the time, but it usually takes a close look at that scarf, wrapping paper and lemons to translate the colors to wall paint colors! This task is typically done in the client’s home by pulling many color memo samples to choose just the right shade for the walls, ceilings, trim and accent walls!

But now I have a “Decorator’s Assistant” to make this task more exciting and definitely more fun! No, the assistant is not a human being that I bring with me to your home. This “Decorator’s Assistant” is a handy-dandy little App on my iPhone. I take a picture with the iPhone of the print, pattern or color and it sorts, copies, and chooses the paint colors that appear in the print, pattern or color.  How’s that for an assistant?

Dinner Plate from Bed Bath and Beyond,
Colors by Benjamin Moore Paint
In most instances this little assistant gets the colors spot on correct, and that’s wonderful! But it still takes a trained eye and years of experience to know how much of the color, the placement of the color, the sheen of the color and if the color needs adjusting in saturation or undertone to make it work!  The combinations are limitless for instance, but the real trick is choosing the right combination for the space in the right light!

So although this little “Decorator’s Assistant” is a great help, you still need the “Professional Decorator” to master the color decisions. Thank Goodness!

Same Dinner Plate photographed in a different room
will result in a different color palette.
If you need a Color Consultation for your next email or call to schedule an appointment in your home, and see this little “Decorator’s Assistant” in action, you’ll be amazed!