Table Top Take Over

I love a pretty table! Any table will do really, I don’t even need a reason to dress a table but having one does help my imagination run wild with possible theme ideas! Don’t feel confident in dressing your table for that next event or occasion you have coming up? No worries!

Here are 4 basic design elements to guide you through dressing your table.

  • The Foundation. Start with the linen color. Choose a color that may fit the theme of the event.  This was a ladies luncheon and the Tiffany Blue seemed fitting and fun for an afternoon and a departure from plain white linens. Party and event rental companies have thousands of colored tablecloths and accessories for the table. I use Pleasanton Rentals, and the price can be surprisingly inexpensive when you consider the time and effort of pressing, washing and then pressing again to store it.  

  • The Contrast.  Dishes, glasses, flatware. Here is the place for an interesting eye catching contrast. If the table linens are pale in color go with a darker dish, if dark in color go with a lighter dish color. Here I used small light colored luncheon plates that had a strong graphic design on them which played perfectly into the stylish Tiffany Blue color. Stemware or glasses can be clear or frosted, and the flatware can be simple or elaborate which ever fits the occasion.
  • The Layered Effect. Napkins choose the napkin according to the dishes and flatware being used. If the dishes have a busy themed graphic design (as these do) or a scrolled border, I use a simple napkin. If the dishes are plain I use a napkin with some sort of border or contrast color on it to add interest and depth to the table top. A fancy folded napkin can make for a wonderful artfully dressed table and there are many on-line tutorials you can watch to lean how. The napkin ring is considered the jewelry on the table.  Interesting shapes and colors that work well with the theme can be fabulous and exciting. Here we used Pearl napkin rings playing into the Tiffany Jewelry theme.  Runners over the foundation linens also work to add depth and scale to the table as well. You can use several napkins, a silk scarf, or any other piece of fabric folded length wise for a runner.
  • The Crown. This is the last and final element that can make or break a beautifully dressed table top the Centerpiece. But before you decide on how much, or what size, or how many, or what color the centerpiece is to be try different size vases or containers on the table “after it is set” with all the above elements. If the table is long in length several small containers will keep the scale proportion better. If it’s a large round table one large in the center will do nicely. The content of the centerpiece should be fitting to the occasion, here plain white hydrangeas in low profile clear vases showed up the color of the table linens better than colored flowers would have. Also the white hydrangeas color supported the pearl white napkin rings beautifully.  
Dress your table for success with these guidelines in mind and you’re sure to be a hit.