Make a Goal Not An Excuse for Your Home

Here it is February; did you make goals in January that you’ve already let go by the way side? No worries, you still have time for Goals!!! 
Our lives are mostly surrounded by our home….where we come to hide from the world, heal our souls and grow in our families, faith and lives. So why not make goals, for our home the same way we do for our lives.  After all we make goals  to exercise more, eat right, read more, watch less TV, Video’s and computer screens, visit and keep in touch with more of our family and friends, so why not do the same for our home…. Here’s how to start even if it’s February.
What kind of goal would you like to make for your home?

For real success I recommend that you should have SMART goals for your home.

In other words, instead of stating a general goal as, "I want to do something new with my home office”. You set a SMART goal something like “I will de-clutter the home office every Saturday morning in February”.
Home Office Before
 SMART means:  That your goal is specific, that it is measurable, that it is attainable, that it is realistic and that it is timely.  

 So instead of making a general announcement - you are making more of a commitment that you will actually be able to achieve & have the satisfaction of crossing off your list - or using that to create another SMART goal...

Home Office After
 IF you would like to re-decorate your home, or just update a room or two, or just have new draperies in one of your rooms, but you don’t know where to start - set a SMART goal for it.

MAYBE your SMART goal will be - "Watch a few HGTV home decorating shows to get ideas". Take a look at and Pinterest too, there you can store your ideas in an on line file.

MAYBE your SMART goal will be – “Call several interior decorators to see what services they may have within your budget that would help you to get started”.

MAYBE your SMART goal will be – “Make a consultation appointment with the decorator to just get ideas that have not yet occurred to you on where to start or how to begin”.

MAYBE your SMART goal will be – "Make a file for each room of the house, within which you will place a collection of magazine pictures, brochures, paint and fabric samples". 

WHAT ever works for you - don't spend yet another year thinking broadly about what you know you should do - instead make a SMART goal & tackle one thing at a time... Before you know it - it will be 2015 and you will have done that “…something new with your home office”.