The key to every well-dressed woman or man’s wardrobe are the accessories!  And so it is true also for the interiors of any room.  You can spend many laborious hours with the selection and placement of what I call “the bones”, or the furniture, but the rooms will just NOT look truly finished if they are not accessorized.

A silver mirror updates a 80's bathroom. Hung right on top of the plate wall mirror!
One of the accessories I like to use in designs are Mirrors, here are 5 ways to mirrors as accessories in your home with great success and results;
1. Use a mirror as a focal point. Whether over a buffet table (to add drama to a dining area), on top of a fireplace mantle (to add width and height), or over a bed (to add romance and charm), a mirror can be a stunning star. After placing your mirror, dress up the focal point area. For living or dining rooms, flank the mirror with matching candle holders or floral arrangements.
Small living space suddenly doubles in width by artfully placing the mirrors!
2. If you wall is wide, be sure the mirror is as well. Or to fill a very wide wall you can use many mirrors placed in a symmetrical pattern to make a dramatic statement and enlarge the room. Traditional spaces do well with chunky frames in burnished gold finishes. Modern spaces should have sleek frames in smooth finishes or with a geometric styling.  
3. Use mirrors to expand a small space. They work wonders in entryways to keep the area from seeming too narrow or cramped. Place a large wall mirror in an especially small guest room to open it up. Or do mirrors in pairs leaning against the wall to double the square footage of the room visually.  Always secure them to the wall for safety.
4. Use a small mirror on a table as part of a centerpiece when entertaining. Select an unusually shaped frame such as an octagon, oval, or circle. Place it in the center of the table, and layer it with items of color and texture, or top it with candles and glass beads. Dim the lights and celebrate the evening with sparkling beverages and hors d'oevres.

5. Position your mirrors for good reflections. Check to make sure what you see in the mirror is a great sample of color, texture, and favorable design elements. Avoid eyesore reflections such as air conditioning vents, one blade of a ceiling fan, a random section of molding, or a window that throws off a glare. Aim for mirroring a window with a view, artwork, greenery, a nice display of accessories, or an open space that represents good design.
Our favorite mirror "the leaner"!
When your mirrors are used correctly and creatively as a key accessory, your room will be the fairest one of all.