The Art Of The Hang!

Hanging objects that are near and dear to us always makes good decorating sense to me.  After all what better way to express our interest could there be than actually displaying it openly.  Here a person that collects antique and vintage suit cases is also displaying photo's and other things in a beautifully balanced way.
So if you have some of mom and dad's old Samsonite in the attic or basement, now is the time to re-use and re-purpose them!

This arrangement was created to bring color, texture, and visual interest to an otherwise less than interesting entry way. The plates are arranged in a soft arch, starting high on the wall and cascading down low.  All different colors, but all working in concert with the chest, the lamp, the light switch and the door bell box.  It may look artistically loose, but it was skillfully planned and executed.  Just beautiful against this pale blue wall!

If you have photo's in small frames, but you need to make a big statement, just get a big frame to frame them in.  Done here with a beautiful elaborate frame painted white to give a great contrast to the small black and white framed photo's.  This can also be done to coordinate with the wall colors or the other furnishings in the room.  You can often find great large old frames at thrift shops and yard sales.  Don't let the color or finish of the frame deter you, after all you'll be painting it!

What to do with that long, long, long hallway? Frame it in sections to visually reduce it's length.  Paint the wall  inside the framed area in a bold contrasting color, deep tan was used here. Now hang your framed photos and art within the framed section.  Done here in a balanced, symmetrical fashion; You can even put interesting fabric or wall paper within the framed sections too. Or as an option you can use a fancy molding for the frame. The idea here is to contain the art with in the large frame.
Here are some simply hanging patterns to use as a guide for hanging your photo's.  Don't forget to also consider the scale of the wall, the furniture placement and size below the objects hanging, and of course the frames them selves. They all work together in the art of the hang!