Table Top Decorating or Tablescape!

The definition of the word Tablescape is; An artistic arrangement of articles on a table!
I am not a party planner, but I do love planning them.  And as you might have guessed my favorite part of the plan is the adornment of the table....after all I'm a decorator and decorating a table top isn't too far off from decorating a room.
Below are some photo's and tips of the Tablescapes I have designed inexpensively for my own home parties!
Outdoor Patio Luncheon Party! 
Choose a theme! Here it's lemons. We floated them in the large green glass urn filled with white gladiolas.

Two colors, one prominent and one as an accent! Lemon leafs were folded into the napkin wrapped plates.
Lemon tree limbs were used as long garlands on the table tops.

Consider contrast to the background color! Chairs are neutral tan like the rock wall allowing only the lemon yellow and green color to pop.
 Garden Brunch!
Let the tablecloth deliver the biggest splash of color and use the 80% to 20% rule.
Here it's green as 80% and hot pink as 20%.

Simple flower vase is clear to support the color theme of green and hot pink.

White chairs pick up the plate color and balances the hot pink against the green.
 Afternoon Wedding Shower!
White, silver and lavender!  The canopy of shade from the oak trees
 allowed the colors to brighten the landscape.

Real dried lavender was gathered, tied and buried in sand filled silver urns as centerpieces!

White linens, white china, white chairs.  Lavender napkins, lavender chair ties, lavender centerpieces. A sprinkling of silver for sunlight reflections!

More silver, not color, adds some glam!