How Much Time Does It Take To Make A House A Home?

I’ve heard said, “It takes time to make a house a home”!  And I believe that to be absolutely so.  The photos below are of a home that recently went on the market.  It was not professionally “staged” and yet is sold in one short week and well over the asking price.  Why you ask, keep reading!
 The owners of this home employed my services to help them with the color/paint selection (interiors and exterior), furniture placements and purchases, window shades and draperies, rugs and carpet, hardwood flooring, tile, wood refinishing, wall art, family photos (framing and hanging), kitchen and bath make-overs, lighting, and accessorizing! 

 If I were a celebrity interior designer and on HGTV I may have accomplished and completed this project in a short span of time. But, I am not, and the owners of this home are busy, hardworking people, with 4 children. So this project took years of developing and finishing. Slowly over the course of a decade, the client and I lovingly worked on every square inch of this home. Each year, beginning in 2002, we started and finished several projects. Budget and time permitting the owners would call on me to solve decorating and design problems that they themselves could not. I became familiar with their, style, taste and budget, and that is why this home reflects the family’s character and love of “home”.

 I believe if you stay true to yourself, your values, the things that mean the most to you; it cannot help but show in your home! 

Now I’m helping this family with the move to their new home, and the process begins again!