Motorized Shades Offer Cool Solution To Sun, Heat and Function!

In helping two clients find a solution to their window woes, I discovered the answer was in the palm of their hands.
Imagine having to operate this
many windows manually?

Client No. 1 lives in a home with modern architecture. She has vaulted ceilings with eight large windows stacked two stories high.

The top windows let in the morning sun, which heats the living and family rooms. Although the windows have some UV protection, the glare on the TV and the fading wood and upholstery is a huge problem.

These windows are difficult to reach, and there are so many of them that closing and opening a covering for them is a chore she does not need or want.

Client No. 2 has a beautiful master bathroom with a large Jacuzzi tub that is tiled on two sides into a raised box; the other two sides are against the wall. On one wall is a large 72-inch square window covered with a beautiful and expensive plantation shutter.
Valances can be added to any
motorized Shade!

The problem is that she cannot reach to open or close the louvers of the shutter without climbing into the tub. The height of the tub not only makes it difficult to get in and out, more importantly, it was dangerous to reach over and operate the shutter.

She already had injured her foot once attempting this chore, so she needed to find a way to operate the window covering with ease and without injuring herself.
The solution for both these problems was a motorized shade with a remote. These shades are perfect for windows or skylights in family rooms, foyers, bathrooms and bedrooms that commonly are hard to reach or are oversize.
Cool down the dining area if you
have several windows or french doors!
The shades operate on a battery pack located in the head rail. There are no cords, no wands -- and no hassle.
They are available in countless styles, fabrics and colors that go with any decor. Technology finally has caught up with architecture.
For Client No. 1, we installed eight motorized shades all operating from one remote.
For Client No. 2, we replaced the plantation shutter with a motorized shade. She can now open and close it from anywhere in the bathroom with the remote, and she doesn't have to perform an acrobatic maneuver in the tub to do so.
These are really appreciated in the kitchen!