Your Home, Stage It To Stay or Sell

True story; I was hired to stage a home for sale by the homeowners.  Since they had put in an offer on a new home they pretty much let me do my job without objecting or interrupting the staging process. When the job was done, they were so thrilled with the results; they just couldn’t believe it was the same home they had been in for 20 years!  They liked it so much they backed out of the offer on the new home and decided to stay in their old home that had just been staged. 
Before, not so cheery! Too many small fragmented pieces of furniture, poor lighting,
dingy walls, area rug made the space appear small and cramped!  
After, warm green walls, new lighting, removed the area rug to show hardwood floor,
 replaced small odd furniture pieces with one large ottoman and sofa. 
Staging is a vital part of getting a home ready for sale. But since a staged home is calmer, less cluttered, and more attractive, many people are staging their homes to live a more comfortable life. Whether you are planning to put your home on the market, or you simply want a more beautiful living space, you can use these home staging tips to achieve success.

·         Step number one is clearing the clutter. Make your house as clean and organized as possible. A cluttered, overstuffed home sends a message to potential buyers - and to your own psyche - that there isn't enough space and storage in the home. You should be able to see more floor than furniture.
Before, lots of odd mix matched furniture against plain white walls!
Area rug was too small, worn and tattered!

After, by adding a large rug it made the space appear visually larger.
Replacing 2 arm chairs with one sofa and one console table also gave the room
a more inviting feeling.  The warm green color of the walls worked nicely
against all the white wood work!

·         When it comes to paint colors, choose warm hues. Many homeowners make the mistake of thinking that all walls need to be white in order to be neutral. But white tends to look unfinished and cold. Look for warm colors, based on reds, oranges, and yellows. Using soft tints of these colors will make a space feel inviting.

·         Lighting is a crucial part of a well-staged home. A well-lit home feels more cheerful and attractive. Make sure the windows are clean to allow as much sunlight in as possible. In dark rooms, add canned or pot lights. If installed lighting is impossible, make sure you have several lamps with high-voltage bulbs. Replace dark-colored lampshades with lighter ones so light is not blocked.

·         A simple - but very effective - decorating strategy is to update cabinet knobs. Replacing knobs and hardware in the kitchen or bathroom is easy and inexpensive, and can transform the entire room. Oil stain all the wood cabinetry in these rooms as well, amazing what this one step will do to older un-remodeled kitchens and baths.

·         Look for ways to highlight the most positive features in your home. Emphasize focal points by arranging furniture around them. Create vignettes or groupings that draw the eye to the most attractive elements of your house, like picture windows, fireplaces, and unusual architecture.

·         Remember that first impressions are critical. Take a good, hard look at how it feels to drive up to your home, walk up to the front door, and enter. Is there anything that blocks your way? Do you need to clean up the yard? What exterior lighting can you add?

The entrance to your home sends a very strong message to potential buyers, and it evokes long-lasting emotions in the home's residents, as well. Improve your curb appeal, front door, and entrance hall, and you are sure to have a home that feels more inviting, calmer, uncluttered, and comfortable to potential buyers or more importantly to “you”!