Home Office Challange

Imagine having one spare bedroom in your house that has to play four roles---storage room, media room, guest room, and home office! Up to the challenge, my clients and I  decided to tackle the job!

But first they called me in to give them guidance and sound advice "before" they began the process. A few decorator tricks-of-the-trade made this room go from a cluttered, disorganized mess to a beautiful, functional and productive room that anyone would love to have in their home!

BEFORE; Mismatched desks and chairs, no storage cabinets for papers or files, a tired futon, a red wall that made the space dark and dreary, a closet that was stuffed to the gills with old clothes, boxes of papers and everything else that couldn't find a home in the rest of the house!
Beefore...a mess!
Dark and dreary with bad seating!

Before, poor storage in the closet!
AFTER; new built in desks with lots of storage above and below. Matching desk chairs, and keeping the floor color and cabinets color gives the room a larger feel and a pulled together look.

Putting mirrors on the closet doors also enlarged the space.  A closet system was installed to meet the storage needs with a 3 sliding doors instead of 2 makes getting access easier.

A armless love seat was added to maximize space.  A wall light was added for reading.

Two small but useful  leather cubes that allow putting up your feet for comfort and storage.

Making full use of the window elevation with modern cabinets.  The center lower cabinet houses the printer. The window treatment allows for full control of the light for TV watching and for computer glare reduction.

A wall hung TV with a low, shallow console below housing media equipment. A cabinet over the door way was installed for even more storage.
I think you'll agree...mission accomplished beautifully!