Orange You Glad ?

Because it’s almost Thanksgiving I thought I’d share a few rooms that may inspire you to add a little orange into your life. It’s a beautiful, bright color that works well with blue, (I know that sounds strange but it is one of the newest color combinations being shown now) and when done right, it can add just the right amount of happiness and pizazz. Use the holidays and colors of the season as a guide for color in your home. Color schemes are often right in front of us; we just need to be more observant!

Orange, a close relative of red, sparks more controversy than any other hue. There is usually strong positive or negative association to orange and true orange generally elicits a stronger "love it" or "hate it" response than other colors. Fun and flamboyant orange radiates warmth and energy.

Interestingly, some tones of orange, such as terra cotta, peach, and rust have very broad appeal.
How the color orange affects us physically

  • Stimulates activity
  • Stimulates appetite
Encourages socialization
Toni Berry I.F.D.A.Comment