Put The Autumn Back In Your Home...5 Easy Tips!

This time of year is perfect for adding seasonal accents to your home. Materials are abundant everywhere. Hang a fall wreath on the front door; throw some gourds and twigs on a side table and it looks fabulous!  You could do a little more if you choose.  But it doesn’t have to be hard or complicated.  Especially if you live in a rural area as I do.  I usually pick up leaves, turkey feathers (yes we have wild turkeys running around here in Sunol) buckeyes and walnuts on my morning run.  That’s what I like about a California Autumn; sunny, warm and full of beautiful nature and all for us to bring inside!
Here are a few of my “Autumn Tips” to help you transform your home into a fall delight. 

  1. Remove all table top runners and tablecloths that are in the styling of summer/spring and replace them with runners and tablecloths in autumn colors like rust, green, browns and burgundy.  They don’t have to be expensive these will be used as a back drop for the arrangements under which they set.
  2. Make your own dried leaf arrangements for the runners and tablecloths above.  All you need is a vase and pruners to get this done.  Use clippings of evergreens and cones mixed with twigs and turned leaves to create a focal point for the table or mantel.  Remember that Scale is what makes these types of arrangements striking.  Choose an oversize urn, large pottery from the garden shop, even an umbrella stand can make a striking vase for this arrangement.
  3. Mood lighting…….as the summer sun ebbs and the fall filters the flood of light, try a string of lights or two along the mantel or your sideboard in the dining room.  Wrap the tiny lights, around a fall garland and add gourds and pumpkins.  Keep the lights on for ambiance lighting through the fall season until Christmas rolls around.  If you have large plants or tall trees in your home, whether real or fake, add plant lights to the greenery and direct the light upwards for drama and a warm feeling to the room.
  4. If you have simple hard window treatments like shutters or blinds, you can dress these up a bit to give a warmer feeling to the room.  Hang ready made panels on simple rods at the sides of the windows in a heavy textured fabric. This will add a sense of weight and warmth to the room.  Choose a color like amber, rust or copper brown for an impressive effect.
  5. Add throw pillows and blanket throws on the sofa and arm chairs.  Use the same guide lines as the window treatment panels above for colors and textures.  To get a truly lush look use 5 to 6 pillows for the sofa and 1 or 2 on the arm chairs.  You can even place small rectangular pillows on the dining chairs to soften the look of the dining room. 

Decorating for this season can be minimal or it can be an explosion of decorations.  Less is often more, but in the spirit of true holiday decorating, more is acceptable.  If you plan to grace everything in your home with a reminder of the autumn season, remember to stick to a theme, to develop continuity and always maintain elegance.