How to Treat Your Windows!!!

I started in this business 25 years ago designing and manufacturing window treatments. Even though I have worked in this industry for far longer than that my favorite part of interior design has been window treatments. In my opinion they are so important they really do make or break a rooms potential.

    Let me explain. Window treatments have come a long way since animal skins and oilcloths were thrown across the small tiny openings that passed for windows in primitive houses. The word "window" from the Norse, literally means "eye of the house through which the wind enters". Over the past two decades that I have been designing them they have evolved into an art form and have come to be a primary element that can bring beauty and comfort to every room in your house.

    There are many types of window treatments to choose from in a variety of styles, material, colors and fabrics. They include draperies, curtains, blinds, shutters, shades, valance's to name just a few. Each may be adored with decorative curtain rods and finials made in wood, iron, metal, or gilded composition material.

And all the above can be purchased at varying price points. There's something for everyone and every pocket book!

    When a window treatment is a success it will bring a combination of style and decoration to the room. They are called on to be both aesthetic and a functional key in design to not only set or match the tone of a room but also deliver light control, privacy, and views on demand. Not an easy task but when accomplished its wonderful!

    The style of a window treatment will be determined by many factors, size and shape of the window, design theme, furniture used in the room, architectural features, the need to control light and function and privacy needed. I lean towards cleaner lines in my designs, but I always let the clients preferences dictate the finished product.

    I noticed that we humans are always drawn to the light source in a room, the window. Let the eyes of your home be adorned with something beautiful to look at.

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