Top 10 Reasons you need a Decorator!

1. You have ideas, but don't know how to implement them.

2. You have a difficult room...too many focal points or details in the wrong places.

3. You don't have the TIME, ENERGY OR DESIRE to do the design or decorating work.

4. You need a major make-over, but you're on a budget.  Decorating mistakes are expensive, and a decorator can make sure they don't happen.

5.You have major work to be done, but you need to work in stages.  A decorator can set you up with a prioritized plan and a time line if needed.

6. You think you know what you want, but are insecure about whether your ideas will work or not.

7. You want to update a room without throwing everything out and starting over. If you don't have a talent for creating an eclectic space, call a professional.

8. You have furniture and accessories that don't quite fit, but you just can't let go of the family heirlooms or you can't afford to replace them.  A decorator can help you "Re-Purpose" old hand-me-downs.

9. You are trying to achieve a specific style or period of design in your decorating, but just can't quite make it happen.

10. You are unsure about color combinations, proportions, mixing patterns, composition, and style.

All the indicators above are reasons to call for help!  A "consultation" will go a long, long, way in avoiding mistakes and regrets!