Transform a Coffee Table to an Ottoman or an Ottoman to a Coffee Table !

I love furniture that can multi-task and be beautiful at the same time. If you are thinking of changing your old coffee table or ottoman for new ones, think again. Perhaps you can keep it by transforming it into something more useful and attractive.

Transformation # 1. When a client told me she and her husband like to put their feet up on their newly purchased, hard surfaced coffee table but were tried of moving throw pillows off the sofa to do so, an idea was born. Why not have a custom cushion made in one of the fabrics used in the room to cover the table on occasion! The cushion transformed the table into an ottoman during TV watching time and it is easily stored away when the need for a coffee table arose.

In this case the same fabric was used that covers the dining chairs and throw pillows on the sofa so it coordinates nicely. It has a “firm” foam core and wrapped in Dacron batting on both top and the bottom, giving it a more structured look and allowing a tray to sit upon it as well. We also made both top and bottom in the same fabric and “Scotch Guarding” it for durability. I designed the fashionable 3” button in the center for a smart tailored look. This can be done to any coffee table, new or old saving you $$$ in the purchase of a new Ottoman/Coffee table that are so popular right now in furniture stores.

Transformation # 2. On the flip side of the story above is the Leather Ottoman in my very own living room. A few years ago I thought I couldn’t live without leather tufted Ottoman Coffee Table and bought a very handsome one. Although it is wonderful to put our feet up on it, it’s not so much for drinks and appetizers when guests come. So in the spirit of the true DIY’er that I am, I transformed it into a hard surfaced coffee table by adding a large wooden table tray to the top.

In this case I went down to my local Home Depot with my measurement and purchased an unfinished wood table top. I stained and finished it in a bronze/gold metallic paint and added two bronze iron drawer pulls (also from Home Depot hardware department) attaching them to the top of the table tray. Viola, now the tray acts as a stable location for drinks and looks great in the room too! This table/tray easily stores away when I want to enjoy the ottoman as an ottoman. This can be done to any shaped ottoman, saving you $$$ in the purchase of a new coffee table.

So keep what you have, be it table or ottoman, and transform it into something more useful and attractive easily!

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