Interior Decorator Finally Finishes Room!

“Toni, I want to give you an update on my living room since I am now enjoying the shock and rave reviews from my friends! The usual comment is, “Oh, you finally finished your living room”, and my usual response is, “Oh yes but actually I just made a phone call”!

As you know we remodeled the house 5 years ago. I had sloooowly been working on the decorating but just could not get it completed. (My advice to anyone contemplating a remodel is to hire an interior designer along with the architect and the contractor!).

I put in new carpet, drapes and reupholstered furniture but it never had the pop that I was hoping for.

Your column, "Why you hire an interior designer" a couple of months ago really gave me an idea, and I am so glad I called you.

I think that column was the most useful one ever written in that it takes care of the big issue of “how to get it finished”!

I have watched decorating shows for years on how to rearrange furniture

(not that I learned very much) but you did it all at once. You rearranged the furniture, brought in pillows in the right colors and fabrics to add that pop of brightness across the room, brought in a tall tree and flower arrangements to finish off the details, and it was done! And all within my modest budget. Thanks so much! ~Roseanne Slingsby, Pleasanton.”




The above letter was sent to me by a reader who actually called on me to help her select a new paint color for her family room addition not the living room she is so joyfully writing about.

It was while she led me from the front door to the back of the house where the family room was located that I quickly glanced to my left and saw the beginnings of a beautiful living room that was almost complete in its decor. It just needed a few finishing touches but I bite my tongue and proceeded to the family room.

At the end of our one hour paint consultation, I mentioned that her living room was far closer to the finishing point than she thought.

I also told her that with little effort on her part, I could provide a few accessories to pull the room together and give her a sense of completion in that room so she could continue on with the new paint we had chosen for the family room. She was so relieved.

She gave me a budget, and I stuck to it. A week later I was back at the house with everything she needed to put the finishing touches in the living room.

How wonderful it was to see her face glow when I finished. She saw her room come to fruition.

The Moral of the story………….It’s the details, the accessories, how and where they are placed in the room that make it warm, inviting and lived in! If you do not know the “how and where”, make a phone call!

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