Re-Upholstery, The Victorian Goes Modern

If you have a chair or sofa in your garage or basement that has seen it's better days, don't throw it out!  No, in this era of "recycling" it's the right thing to do and the most fashionably too!

Meet the Victorian sofa I bought in 1973.  It was broken down then, but what remained in tact was the needlepoint medallion.  It caught my eye and I brought it home thinking I had just made the purchase of my life! I  re-finished the wood, cleaned and repaired the tattered rose needlepoint medallion back.  I had it re-upholstered in a beautiful rose colored velvet with new silk gimp. I loved it and used it in the living room, the bedroom and the hallway.

35 years latter when it became apparent that it's use had long exhausted itself, and the style in my home had changed, I sold it to an antique dealer.  I don't regret having sold it BUT if I had it to do over again...I think this is how I would Re-Upholster it.  A new coat of white paint and a beautiful cotton fabric with big splashes of color would be just right.  So modern and hip!

Here's one I found at . It is almost identical to my old piece isn't it? The fabric is a colourful and vivacious and I love it almost as much as I did my old one in 1973!

Think you'd like to re-upholster one of your old pieces of furniture...give us a call at 925.862.9064.  We have lots of bold, beautiful upholstery fabrics just waiting to be put on your old furniture.