Don't Forget To Make Your Bed

I almost never leave the house without making the bed! Perhaps because my mother hounded us, when we were children, every morning as though not making the bed was a really bad thing. So the habit continues with me, but with today’s new bed clothes such as duvets, comforters, coverlets and new bed styles it’s so much easier. If you’re longing to update just your bed, now is the time to do it…bedding has never been more beautiful and more attainable.

Here are some ways to combine style and fashion with comfort and ease;

Streamlined beds: Simply upholstered headboards are big plus. Covered in a coordinating fabric, they add another element of softness. Platform beds, also with fully upholstered sides and foot boards give a real Zen Minimal feeling to the room. Tip; if you’re bed has always been somewhat feminine this is a fabulous way to add some masculinity to the bedroom!

Lots of layers: In addition to your spread or comforter use coverlets, duvets and/or a throw folded at the bottom of the bed for warmth as needed. All of the above can be custom made to be reversible, which gives your bed several different seasonal looks for the same price. Tip; Instead of another comforter or throw folded at the bottom of the bed simply fold lengthwise an inexpensive twin blanket in a coordinating or bright color for a luxurious look. Less expensive and easier to keep clean too.

Color: Neutrals are very popular, especially the “chameleon neutrals” that shift and change color with the light. These add a sense of glamour and sophistication to the bed. Keeping the large spread or comforter neutral allows you to add large shams and pillows in brighter colors for more interest. Very bright neon’s are big for young children and teens. Tip; Check out Pottery Barn Teens or Target if your refreshing your child’s bed, they have totally whimsical patterns and graphics of all kinds on their bedding groupings and at great pricing.

Big-scale designs: “Out” are itty, bitty, tiny prints and “In” are big medallion prints, large damask, aviary, paisley, bold horizontal strips and giant floral patterns too. Tip; Often a great pattern is available as a sheet and not a comforter or a spread. No worries just buy 2 sheets and sew them together into a bag, leaving an opening at one end. Make the outside dimensions the size of your old comforter (or new) and insert it into the bag. Sew in Velcro, buttons, ties, or a zipper at the opening and voila, you just made a “Duvet”!

Decorative Pillows: Still the best element of the well dressed bed in my opinion; fewer but bigger pillows are right on trend. The larger 26” x 26” Euro Pillow is very comfortable if your headboard is made of wood or metal and they are great to prop yourself up in bed with. Tip; Good Housekeeping says that your decorative and bed pillows "shouldn't take up more than half of the bed". Ok, but remember you have to schlep them all off and then all back on the next morning, so keep it simple!

By Toni Berry at Marie Antoinette Interiors

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