Bed Pillows Make The Statement

The main focal point in any bedroom design is the bed and the decorative bed pillows on it! You've probably seen design shows on TV or pictures in magazines with those alluring looking beds that have all those beautiful and inviting plumped up pillows, haven't you?
 You might have even looked at your own bed and thought how great it would look with some decorative pillows. Maybe you even tried this yourself but couldn't quite achieve the look that you wanted. Luckily, it isn't that hard to get this look, just follow these guidelines that will lead you to success.

The first thing is you need to buy the right kinds of pillows. Chances are the regular bed pillows that you sleep on every night aren't going to do the trick. You want decorative pillows that have interesting fabrics and designs. The key is to choose pillows with fabrics and patterns that compliment the overall look of the bedding beneath them and the room itself.

You can use interesting fabrics like silks, brocades and velvets as well as interesting accents on the pillows such as tufting, fringe and embellishments for a old world look. For a more contemporary look you can choose cottons with flat flanges and welts. What you choose really depends on your bedroom design.

The key to the plumping is that you have to set up the pillows in layers. Don’t lay them down flat like you do when you're sleeping. Arrange them standing up leaning on their edges and in cascading rows.

The back layer of pillows should be a bit larger than the rest. You want to have either three or five pillows for this back row depending on how wide the bed is and the size of the pillows. Stand them up on the edges and lean them against the headboard.

The second layer of pillows should be a little smaller than the back layer because you want to be able to still see the decorative back pillows. You'll also want less of them as you want the pillow arrangement to extend out from the headboard in a triangular shape. So if you used three pillows in the back row use two in the row in front of it. Set those on their edges and lean them against the back row pillows.

For the last layer I like to use a bolster pillow or an assortment of three small different shaped pillows or both if it is a King size bed. It is this last and final layer that can be the most charming and welcoming to the bed. Place these a bit haphazardly so it doesn’t appear too contrived or staged.

Viola! Now your bed is making a statement, beautiful and inviting!