Decorating For Christmas? Here's How!

I just finished unpacking 8 boxes of Christmas Décor! When I was a child and young teen, it was my favorite decorating project, and it still is. And Right now most of us are in the full throws of getting our homes DECORATED. I have to admit even novice Decorators do well at this time of year. Here are some professional tips anyone can use to make your home easier and quicker to decorate.

• First remove all your table top decorations leave the lamps of course. Clear as much of the space as you can to make room for all the Christmas décor. You’d be surprised to know how many people just add the Christmas decorations to what is already there. This makes for a cluttered look and nothing is really seen or appreciated. So, put all the decorations that have been out all year into a large box, now put that filled box out of the way in a spare room. Now that all that stuff is out of sight the room may appear a little barren. But not to worry, here’s your chance to get everything dusted and maybe a little re-arranging of furniture is in order as well, after all the tree in coming!

• Second get all those Christmas decorations out and place them nicely on the cleared surfaces. One of my favorite elements in Christmas decorating is the Nativity Manger. Because it is dear to me I give it top billing so I place it all by itself in a prominent place of honor. I place the rest of the decorations in different places in the room every year too that way it looks fresh and new each year.

• Third, the Tree. At our house it’s a constant battle, fresh or fake! Either way it’s got to have a little space around it and that’s the reason behind moving some of the furniture out of the room not just out of the way. Remove the arm chair or that large end table; it’s just for the season that the tree is in the room. Give the tree some space, it will appear much grander and will become the focal point in the room.

• Next some grace notes on sprucing up the living room. If budget permits, replace throw pillows with Christmas Throw Pillows. Replace small lamp shades with holiday motif ones. Put a holiday area rug in the center or at the entrance of the room. Clean all ceiling light fixtures (glass) install dimmers switches where you can to keep the Christmas glow in a room.

In store displays and in some homes, Christmas decorating has become a huge, grand, overdone extravaganza. If this is not for your style, don’t feel intimidated, many of us don’t buy into that! Simple heart felt family decorations are what I like to decorate with most. In fact I have 3 really ridiculously cheesy plastic dime store Santa’s from my childhood in the 1960’s. They are so wonderfully cheesy that I love to watch my guests looking at them and wondering “what is she thinking?” They really are not a good companion to the crystal and silver, but they mean a lot to me so they stay for that reason. So at Christmas bring out the old decorations and mix them with the new it’s a great time of year for “Cheesy” and “Decadent”.

By Toni Berry at Marie Antoinette Interiors

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