Draperies Follow American Tradition!

Ethan Allen 4 Poster Bed with Urn Finial
Joan lived in her home for 15 years with the original verticals and mini blinds in the windows. She came to this home with beautiful Ethan Allen traditional mahogany master bedroom furniture, but just couldn’t figure out what would be best to put on the windows to replace the blinds. So riveted in indecision she did nothing! Joan said she tried time and again to look at different styles and try to envision what might look good but she just couldn’t get anything that would also go well with the existing custom made bedding ensemble she purchased when she bought the bedroom set.

She called on me to help her find the best solution to her window dilemma. As Joan was chatting away I was busy absorbing the excellent craftsman ship of her beautiful furniture, the wonderful slate green walls, and the luscious custom bedding in a blue green and red paisley print. Joan even had a fabulous traditional wing back chair in the room to complement the purely American Traditional Styling of the room! So far so good. It was all beautiful but with two large picture windows of metal mini blinds, it seriously ruined the effect!
The Urn Finial
I approached the design of the windows in keeping with tradition….draperies! I removed the blinds and put in Vignette Fabric Shades. These are perfect for older windows, like Joan’s that are not double paned. They act as sound absorbers and give great insulation for warmth in the winter and coolness in the summer. They also roll up into a neat little cassette, so they virtually disappear when not in use unlike the blinds that have a stack. I choose a shade color that matched the window casings so they look very natural and do not take the eye away from the window drapery itself.
Robert Allen's Fabric for drapery panels with hand made gathered tab tops!

Joan and I both loved the little red detailing in the bedding that appeared on the edges of the shams and the spread. So I selected a fabric for the drapery panels that had that red and some of the other colors as well. This fabric is a very traditional Robert Allen Jacobean Print and worked perfectly with our bedding. The style of the drapery heading was again in keeping with the style of the furnishings; the 4 little urn finial that topped her 4 poster bed was a perfectly matched with Robert Allen’s Bedpost Collection of wooden hardware. I matched the hardware color and finish to the Ethan Allen furniture to complete the look and give a subtle continuity to the room.
Robert Allen's Bedpost Wooden Hardware...Urn finial a perfect match to the Ethan Allen Urn Finial!

We also brought the same fabric into the adjoining master bathroom as a traditional valance. The large windows in the tub area needed some updating as well, so we put Vignette’s there too!
The Master Bath with Traditional Valance!

Joan was impressed that I took the time and the effort to take into account all of what was already in place…I just picked up where Joan left off, continuing her theme….and finished her master bedroom into a place of complete harmony! Ethan Allen would be proud!