When It Comes To Drapery; Don't Throw In the Towel!

While present at an installation of Roman Shade Valances in my client Teresa Smith’s family room, she mentioned that “someday in the future” she’d like to have draperies in her dining room and living room. With shutters on two windows in the dining room, Teresa thought no drapery was necessary. I expressed to Teresa that shuttered windows with drapery can still function and that the draperies would warm the room physically and esthetically. And while there were some draperies in the living room over the French Doors, they seemed out of scale and in the wrong color to enhance and showcase Teresa’s lovely furnishings, in particular a lovely little Harlequin Fainting Couch.

Living Room Before

Living Room After with Drapery
As I absorbed the colors in the art, on the furniture and in the patterned rug, it became clear to me that the color that should be at the windows in the form of draperies was a “Plum Raisin”. I asked Teresa if she had any thing I could take with me in that color so that when she was ready I’d have it in my studio as a reference to pull drapery fabric sample possibilities. She scurried around and said “wait I think I have an old towel in the garage in that color”. She gave me that towel and it sat for months on my work counter waiting for Teresa to call me back.

Suddenly while I was thumbing through fabric books for another client entirely, my eyes fell upon a “Plum Raisin” damask by Robert Allen that would be just perfect for Teresa’s living and dining room drapery. I quickly ordered a fabric sample memo and sent it off to Teresa in the mail with a note…”when you’re ready, this is the fabric!” More months passed and then the phone rang…”I’m ready…let’s do it!”

Dining Room Drapery Over Shutters Adds Softness
When we installed the draperies we were both so pleased. The color and the pattern of the fabric made the rooms come alive! Even the shutters looked better! And to think it really came about because she gave me that towel in just the right color!

As some of you know finding the right fabric takes time and patience. I love it when unexpectedly I find the perfect fabric. And I love it even more when my client trusts me enough to know when a fabric is perfect! So go ahead through me a “towel”, let’s see what I can make of it!

I Love Beautiful Drapery!

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by Toni Berry of Marie Antoinette Interiors