Tile and Wood Get Married At Home!

Dear Toni,
I read your newspaper articles in the Tri Valley Herald, which I enjoy very much.  Now I need a professional opinion.  The majority of my flooring is tile...you walk into the entryway which is 12' long, by 5' wide, and then the floor lengthens out to the left and right, which is the hallway on one side, and a short hallway to the kitchen/dining room on the other side, which is all tile.  The hall bath and laundry room are also tile.  The  living area, 22'X14'. is straight ahead, and is carpeted.  I wanted to remove the carpeting and extend the tile floor.  Of course, the tile is no longer being made.  My question.....should I extend the flooring with a complimentary tile, a completely different tile, or should I put down wood floors, since any tile I put down will not match either?  I have asked all my friends and get a completely different answer from each one.  I appreciate any help you can give me.  Thank you so much for your time.  
Sue Rainey

Hi Sue,
It is  always nice to hear that someone out there is reading me! Your question is "do I continue the tile from the entry, halls, bath and laundry into the living room area"?

Without actually seeing the space it will be hard to really address what would be best for you and your home. But I can take a stab at it here; I am assuming that all the existing Tile you mentioned is of one pattern/color, and unless you absolutely love that tile pattern/color and can find a good match, DON'T put down more of it.

Your living room space is graciously large, 22' x 14', I'd go with real wood because tile and wood always marry well together! Then I'd place a beautiful area rug in the living room under the seating grouping for warmth, sound absorption, and to add a bit of color and texture. In fact, to tie all the spaces together and to add harmony, you can order a "custom sized" area rug for the living room, entry and halls (because these areas are open to one another and can be seen together) all in the same or similar rug pattern. This will unify the spaces together beautifully.  See the picture for an example of tile and wood. They are both natural  green products that lend themselves well to one another.

Hope this helps you in your decision making process. If you need further assistance just give me a call and we can make a time meet so I can actually see the space and give you more options. (you can even invite all those friends to join us) This could save you hundreds of dollars in mistakes by the way.

Thanks again for reading and for asking such a great question.

Toni Berry
at Marie Antoinette Interiors