A Teen’s Room IS Their Home!

Make no mistake; A Teens room IS their home, within your home! And they have some definite opinions as to how to decorate it!

As a teenager my room was decorated in Peace Signs, Peter Max pillows, orange bedspread and drapes and of course my favorite faux leopard skin Beanbag pillow! My mother loved that I took an interest in decorating the bedroom that my sister and I shared. She knew Fashion better than any woman I have ever known and she knew that my generation’s Fashion statement was coming through in my teenage bedroom’s décor. She let me decorate according to the latest Fashion trends and rarely stopped me from expressing myself in that way. And I did the same with my two children. I selected the furniture according to what I could afford, but the décor was all up to them and I believe that is how it should be.
And that is Pottery Barn’s philosophy too! Their marketing department is wise enough to know that teenagers want their own look, not just hand-me-downs from their parents or older siblings. Check out their web site http://www.pbteen.com/ or pick up the PBteen creative catalog filled with fabulous saturated colored walls and fun accessories for ideas. Why look at that, I see a lot Peace Signs and Beanbags as I leaf through the catalog! I guess Fashion repeats itself right?

Here are some design tips on helping (only if they ask) to decorate your teenagers bedroom.

• Start with a theme! Sport, music, favorite place, or passionate topic can be a theme! Use it for a springboard to decorate with your accessories and soft furnishings.

• Select the bedspread! With the theme in mind, choose spreads that will delivery a burst of color and vitality.

• Choose the wall and ceiling paint! Using one, two or three colors from the bedspread paint the walls and the ceiling.

• Pick the wall art! Murals make a huge impact. Large 6’ x 4’ ones give color and can double as a headboard, very cool!

• Add furniture pieces that function as sleeping, storage and work spaces! Bookcases, bed platforms, wall to wall shelving, and component type furniture is the answer to a well organized room.
A teen’s room is an expression of who they are, what they like and where they hang. It’s their home and no mistake about it!

By Toni Berry at Marie Antoinette Interiors
925-862-9064 or Toni@MarieAntoinetteInteriors.com