Viva La Fashionista!

You may not consider yourself a Fashionista, but suffice it to say in today’s world Fashion is everywhere. We simply can’t escape it. It’s in the cars we drive, the places we go, even the food we eat. And no where, other than the run ways of Europe, can more Fashion be found than in our homes. Every major Fashion Designer is now designing home fashions right along with their apparel lines. Hence as an interior designer and decorator of homes, I use the same rules and guidelines in decorating that Fashion Designers use in apparel. Dress your homes as you would dress your selves; fashionably!
Here are some very fundamental fashion rules that apply to dressing yourself and to decorating your home;

• Invest in classic pieces. Spend the largest percentage of the decorating budget dollars on pieces that will last a life time; a handsome dining table, a well constructed sofa in a classic color, a stylish area rug.

• Spice up your neutrals with a color accent. Paint one wall or several elevations in your favorite accent color. As time goes on and you tire of it, re-painting it will be less expensive than replacing a sofa if it were in that favorite accent color.

• Too tight looks uncomfortable and too loose looks unkempt. Keep scale and proportion in mind when purchasing the primary or anchor pieces of furniture for the room. For example a Cal King bed in a small bedroom might be too overwhelming, and a small sofa in a large family room with vaulted ceilings will look lost.

• Accentuate the good, play down the bad. Call attention to your room’s best features with lighting, color, and furniture arrangements. Similarly downplay the unattractive elements in the room by “painting them out” or camouflaging them with the same color wall paint. This works well in hiding vents, pipes and odd doors. Arrange your furniture so the best vocal point is obvious, like the picture window or the beautiful fireplace.

• Pull an outfit together with COLOR. Mindfully begin with one main primary color in a room. Then add a secondary color, but use less of it. Then add a third bright color, in smaller amounts on artwork, trims and accessories.

• Fabulous shoes can make an outfit. A good flooring foundation can do the same. Consider a beautiful area rug; pull the colors and patterns found in it for use throughout the room. Attractive carpeting or lovely hardwood floors can have the same effect.

• Changing your accessories can change the look from day to night. Upholster in plain textured fabrics. They’ll allow you to decorate around them as you change your mine, update seasonally, or move to a different home by merely changing out pillows and accessories. So choose a tan or gray upholstered sofa for the long term and outfit it with orange pillows for fall, red for winter and steel blue for spring.

• Fashion adaptability; choose wardrobe pieces that can be worn with a variety of other pieces. Just like that little black jacket that looks as great with its matching skirt as it does with jeans. A great chest of drawers or armoire can take on many roles in many rooms as your needs change or you move from home to home. A large ottoman can stand in for a coffee table or extra seating. These workhorse pieces adapt with you and will give you more than your money’s worth over time.

Dress your homes as you would dress your selves; fashionably! And viva la Fashionista!

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