A Little Privacy Please

"Hi Toni

I'm trying to give my office which is located in our living room some privacy from the rest of the room/house and my thought was to hang draperies from the ceiling . . . I was wondering if there was a certain type of rod I need to get in order to attach it to the ceiling rather than a wall?
What do you think? Love reading your posts! Thanks!  Colleen"
Hi Colleen, Yes, I think partitioning off a segment of your living room with drapery panels is a very stylish and versatile idea.

Hanging drapery from the ceiling is easily accomplished with a special bracket called a "ceiling mount bracket". The drapery rod just cradles in the bracket. Rings go on the rod and the drapery panels are pinned or clipped to the eye in the ring and hang beautifully. The up side of this is you simply move the panels out of the way when you don't need the privacy and to expand the room. Also, you can hang a different drape, in a different color, when you tire of the first! The drapery in the photo below is a soft neutral linen, just enough to softly separate the space.

The fabric styling is important because the drapery functions as a wall so the color and texture should add to the room's ambiance as a decorative element. The blue drapery panel above is complete with trim and wood pole and rings to complement the style of the room.

Glad to help,
Toni Berry