What Is A Scaldino? Little Heater In Italiano!

They’re all the rage! If you've visited a really nice hotel lately you've probably seen a “Scaldino”. In Italian, Scaldino translates to “little heater”. The Scaldino, as we know it today, is the mini comforter at the end of the bed that warms the feet and protects the spread from the suitcase or other objects you might place there.

But the word Scaldino originally meant an apparatus that housed an iron pot of hot coals. As seen here, it was a wooden or metal cage into which you carefully place the pot of red hot coals and put it between the sheets of the bed. My grandmother used them in Northern Italy. She would prepare the Scaldino and place it into the bed a half hour or so before getting into the bed to warm it.

I find it's a quick way to give any bedroom a new look. Using a neutral colored bedspread, coverlet or duvet on the bed, you can add a Scaldino (with matching pillows) in any decorative fabric for a complete new look. I have even used surplus fabric from the draperies in the room or a treasured tablecloth for Scaldinos. They are far less expensive than a folded comforter as they take less fabric and labor. Think of it as a colorful accessory that can be changed seasonally or just to freshen and change the look of the bed.

I like them because of there versatility, price and because I love all things “Italiano”!