Your Artwork Solution

For many, I consider artwork the finishing touch to a perfect room. It's one of the room design elements that can instantly warm up a space and make it feel like home. Art can expand a space both visually and emotionally, give us a window to the world, add color, create a theme, and deliver some welcome doses of personality and interest to a room. And since there is artwork offered in every price point, it need not be expensive to do the trick.

But there are some spaces that pose special decorating challenges. Spaces that feel too large, rooms that seem small or narrow, or furnishings that just have no character. Can you relate? This is where creative art placement, a fix if you will, can help minimize problems and provide pleasing solutions.

Though there is countless “tricks-of-the-trade” to hanging artwork, here are some suggested ways to fix, with artwork, several common decorating dilemmas!

• One way to expand a small room is to hang a large landscape print with a faraway horizon. This will create the illusion of more space.

• To broaden a narrow room, paint one wall a darker, richer color. Hang an exciting print on that wall, and then hang a framed mirror on the opposite wall. The reflected art will make the room appear wider.

• In a room with a low ceiling try using a darker floor covering. Then choose a light color to use on both the ceiling and walls to draw the eye upward. Hang prints with strong vertical lines to heighten the ceilings. Using a portrait format (taller than wider) will add to the sense of height.

• If you have a room that is small, dark, and cramped, introduce a breath of fresh air with some beautiful landscape prints to bring the outdoors in and brighten space with bursts of color.

• Hang prints with strong horizontal lines to create the illusion of increased length in your room. For best results use the landscape style format and prints with light expansive colors. Several prints hung side by side in a row will compound the effect. Panoramic vistas work very well for this situation.

• Use prints to open up a space in rooms with few or no windows. Landscapes, windows and doorways lead the eye outward to create the illusion of added space and light.

• To scale down a large room, hang a series of prints together on a large otherwise blank wall. Find collections of 2, 3, or 4 prints - hang them together to create an optical illusion of diminished space.
Whatever decorating dilemma you may have, consider the solutions that artwork can bring to the space. It can provide another "window", a flash of color, and a hint of another time and place. Remember though, in addition to any problem-solving value art might provide, it should be something you enjoy looking at, something that makes you happy whenever you see it.