When Is Your "Some Day"?

I recently received an email from a woman named Donna, who had read one of my articles in the Newspaper and kept it for 3 years until she finally had the courage to  call me in to help her. The article was about a former client named Suzanne, who had also waited for me to come and help her finish some decorating she had started and failed to finish.  Donna really related to Suzanne’s dilemma and thus her email to me was titled “Some Day”. Below is a passage from her email to me…

{ At this stage of life I have apparently completed my "tweener" years - that time devoted to parenting and care giving and all the blessings and responsibilities affixed to such a stewardship. I have long nourished seeds to decorate but the activities of youngsters often curb the image one dreams as ideal. And "later on" live in parents find it difficult to have their lifestyles altered by major home revisions.

"Some day" has arrived for me - the 2010 calendar is depositing days into the receptacle of eternity past with frightening pace -- so before my own clock runs down and is "used up" I'd like to know very up close and very intimately the feeling of "fabulous space," -- at least for one floor. Like Suzanne, I have read a slew of decorating books and articles, viewed videos, attended home shows, and frankly learned little. Sigh. Evidently I have little natural aptitude in this area. I know what I want and I also am aware if I begin this venture using my own extremely embryonic and anemic talents that the final image will be a patch work result that will stray far from the desired goal. I have "image visions," but without a professionally directed strategy it becomes a hallucination. }

Paralyzed by her descriptive and beautiful style of writing I contacted her and set a time to visit, discuss, and begin transforming her “Some Day” into “Today”! Call me at 925.862.9064 or email me at Toni@MarieAntoinetteInteriors.com to discuss your "Some Day"!

Donna's favorite color is Turquois.  These are the inspiration photo's for the Turquoise we will use in her home. Stay tuned for pictures of Donna's finished home soon!