The Do's & The Don'ts of Choosing Color For Your Space!

I may be dating myself here but do any of you remember when the gray NBC Peacock was first broadcast in Color? Well I do! My family bought a new color TV set (to replace the black and white set) and it was beautiful! Rabbit ears antenna and all, I remember how excited we were to finally see the Rose Bowl Parade and Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color and, of course, that colorful Peacock opening up right before our eyes! Color, it has the capacity to lift us, move us and transport us to other places and times.

Color is such an important part of making a home feel great. But it can be a bit scary to make color choices  unless you know a few simple tips. Avoid these common mistakes and learn several tricks, and you'll feel confident about choosing color for your space.

...choose colors in a paint store. Colors change drastically depending on the light, so they can look very different in your own home. When deciding on colors, make sure to look at them in the space they will be used.

...forget the ceiling, it's the fifth wall. A white ceiling may be the best choice, but don't just leave it white by default. A room looks much more finished when the ceiling is deliberately painted to coordinate and harmonize with the décor.

...ignore accessories. While paint is the most common way to add color, don't forget that incorporating pillows, fabrics, area rugs, and other accessories is a great way to add splashes of color and your unique personality.


...understand the psychology of color. Colors evoke reactions in our bodies and affect us physically and mentally. When you understand how colors shape your feelings, you can choose ones that help you feel wonderful in your home.

...create flow from room to room. In most homes, you can stand in one room and see other rooms, so there needs to be a smooth continuity. Not all rooms should be painted the same color, but the colors need to work together. Carry elements of one room into another. The easiest way to do this is to paint the moldings all the same color.

...use inspiration. If you have a large piece of furniture or a treasured accessory, let it awaken your color creativity. The background color in a piece of art can become your wall color; a favorite antique can inspire the color for pillows; a lampshade can become the molding hue.

The most important thing to remember about color is that it should make you feel good. So be courageous and pick some color!