Drama At The Foot Of The Bed!

I have a very large Master Bedroom. It is long and narrow. We have placed the bed on one of the narrow walls at the end of the room and lined the dresser, armoire and chest on the long walls. Though I like the arrangement of furniture this way it has left a large empty space in the center of the room or at the foot of the bed. It needs something…but what?

Please help, Tracy 

You’re so lucky to have the space available for several beautiful options. The bed is typically the focal point of any bedroom, but in a master bedroom with gracious proportions you can really play up the drama!

Try these suggestions to fill the space at the end of your bed;

Add visual weight with a small writing desk and stool placed at the foot of the bed that will bring charm and function to the space. You can also hang a chandelier over the desk or bed to further define the space.

Turn your room into a retreat with a settee or loveseat that can add color, grace and great a place to lounge. Make sure it’s proportions are not greater than the bed. You don’t want it to look like a living room, but a bedroom with a soft place to fall.

Need a place to sit and put on your shoes or kick them off, double benches or upholstered chairs will do the trick. This solution packs a bigger punch when done is duplicates. Two small vanity benches is sometimes more visually interesting than just one bed bench. And two small slipper chairs are just perfection.

Like to read the morning paper and have your breakfast in the bedroom? Try a small table and a pair of elegant French chairs at the foot of the bed. Done in a finish that blends rather than contrast with the bed, it will make it appear as though they were perfectly appointed!

That’s just a few wonderful solutions. Can’t wait to hear which one will suit you best!