2010 New Neutral, Going Gray!

After seeing several prestigious Show Homes here in the Bay Area this past summer and also attending a Color Update Course this past fall, I've been persuaded into believing that this years new color neutral is GRAY!

It's everywhere, and though Pantone, the leading color predictors, have chosen Turquoise as the dominant new color for 2010, it is the color Gray that is showing up on the walls, in upholstery and on flooring! And slate and charcoal grays seem to be leading the way in popularity.

If you're looking for high contrast, sure fire drama, and even a soothing effect, gray walls are a good place to start a neutral color scheme in any room of your home.

Our favorite gray paint is Benjamin Moore's "Flint AF-560" from their new Affinity Colors Collection. Shown on the walls of the entry way pictured above in a matte finish, with trim painted "White Dove" in a hi-gloss finish. Beautiful and sophisticated, I think I'm liking it!

While it's impossible to update your home every year with all of the latest and greatest colors of the interior design world, you can add a splash of the new color here and there to help yourself stay with the flow and the times!

If your room is flowery and light like the one above, you can use a dark gray on only one wall for drama. This will also make the white sofa and pale summer colors pop! Notice that the sheen used on this dark gray wall is done in a high gloss finish for a reflective value.

Another place to try a little gray is in the bedroom. This room was left with it's original pink walls and traditional four poster bed. We removed the pink quilted bedspread. By adding a gray flannel comforter and shams over white linens, then adding a few brown pillows we achieved a truly modern yet understated look. This is a perfect example of not having to change everything in a room to update to a new look and color. And this can be without breaking the bank!

Want to add a little sophisticated gray to your home? Not sure where or how to begin? Call for a "Color Consultation" and get the confidence you need to get started. Phone 925.862.9064 or email Toni@MarieAntoinetteInteriors.com today.