For you DIY'ers here's a fast, beautiful, and inexpensive centerpiece to make yourself in one hour max!

At your local craft store, buy 7 branches of Bittersweet, 3 branches of Persimmon, 2 woody twig type branches for height, and a small piece of Styrofoam. Use any solid colored (non glass) vase you may already have or purchase a new inexpensive one at the craft store.

Randomly cut each of the branches a different length (as in nature) but leave the 2 woody twig ones nice and long. Beginning with the longest ones first and working down to the shortest, arrange them carefully in the vase that has the piece of Styrofoam in the bottom. No need to glue them into the Styrofoam, it will hold them gently as they lean against the vase. The idea here is to have the centerpiece look as though you just went out and cut these beautiful branches in the woods, brought them indoors and stood them in a vase. Which is exactly what you are doing, you're just going to the craft store instead of the woods for the branches!

Voila`! I made mine in less than an hour and its costs was minimal. My inspiration was one I had seen at Pottery Barn for about $335.00. Ouch, that was inspirational! This one is just as pretty and fits my pocket book! Now go make yours, you've got exactly one hour!


Freshen up your old candlesticks! Purchase or make small grapevine rings to use as a base, or bend a piece of coat hanger into a circle. Next, wire on small stems of berries, leaves, and flowers using thin wire wound tightly around the base. Use fresh flowers for a one-use decoration. Or find pretty silk blooms for a longer-lasting design. Perfect for the food presentation at the buffet table!


What better way to celebrate the Thanksgiving harvest feast than by creating a centerpiece using gorgeous green vegetables. To make the asparagus and green bean wrapped candles, stretch two sturdy rubber bands around a white pillar candle, then insert vegetable stalks underneath the band. Cover the bands with a circle of satin ribbon and arrange on one of your platters with a few white mums and coffee berry sprigs. To make the artichoke candle base, just gut the inside of an artichoke and insert a smaller pillar candle! This delicious centerpiece works well at the table as it is low and streamlined. For large gatherings use two to three of them on the same table!