I love how corsets look on the body. They tighten the waist, accentuate the bust and give a nice curve to the top of the hips. They are flirtatious, playful and elegant and being a Fashionista at heart, I thought I'd share with you a little corset history!

Though commonly associated with the Victorian upper class, corsets originated in the 16th century and, by the 19th, had become a hallmark of fashion for nearly all females. Practically essential for women of aristocratic birth, corsets were also adopted by working middle class women aspiring toward similar ideals of fashion.

So, what happened to the corset? In 1960, DuPont introduced Lycra to the manufacturing process, making whalebone or metal-framed corsets obsolete, and transforming the corset proper into the girdle. Then in the 70s bra-burning feminists brought cries for less restrictive, more natural feminine fashions. But the corset never completely vanished, no it's still here and it's still absolutely the hallmark of fashion!

What has all this got to do with window treatments you might ask! Well, if you like what a corset does for the feminine body, you might like what it can do for your window fashions!

Rev up your windows with the same flirtatious, playful and elegant look that corsets give the feminine figure! And guess what Marie Antoinette I have discovered fabulous drapery tiebacks reminiscent of feminine corsets. Check out these, one laces up the front through grommets, the other features button and ribbon closures at the center and yet another in leather, left untied teasingly at the top for that, well, sexy look. Perfect for a dramatic dining room or luxurious bedroom, these corset tiebacks can add a little bit of "Glam" to your room!

My friend Liz Ware created these "corset tieback" patterns for her company "Details Pattern Company". Her original couture pattern designs are inspired by runway fashion and Hollywood glamour, and her patterns capture those same beautiful dressmaking details for the window fashions industry.

And if you think you'd like to see your window dressed in one of Liz's designs give me a call. We can select just the right fabric appropriate for your style and give your window a flirtatious, glamorous look. Call 925.862.9064 or email for an appointment.

Does fashion matter, of corset it matters!