Dark, cold, cluttered, and dated, the offices of Asset Management Group in the Danville Livery begged for some help and a serious make over!


Make these offices brighter, warmer, and more stylish without replacing the mix of office furniture. Two adjoining offices with a clear view of each from the other. Two different types and style of furniture in each; one Antique Golden Oak, the other Modern Cherry.

Worn grey green carpet, dingy white walls, charcoal colored mini blinds at the windows, outdoor barn light fixtures providing shadowed and little light, and vaulted ceilings with a lot of exposed brown beams to which all the electrical conduit was attached and visible. Ouch!


First, we selected a new wall color that went well with both the oak and cherry furniture. Benjamin Moore’s Richmond Bisque is a soft light cream with a little yellow tint to it. Red accent walls, one in each office, in #1259 Beaujolais. This warms the space and gives each room a much needed focal point, giving both offices continuity. All the beams and the electrical conduit were painted in the same wall color to make it disappear visually. The window, doors, and all other trim in a Bone White for a brighter cleaner look.

Second, new red carpeting was chosen in a smart small geometric pattern. The deep red color anchors the rooms while giving both spaces continuity.

Third, leaving most of the office windows bare allowed in a lot more light and the beautiful views of the oak trees out side. The few interior windows were covered in 2” bone white wooden blinds to match the trim color, updating the look and brighten the space.

Fourth, new lighting and lots of it. Simple semi-flush opal glass light fixtures were attached to the bottom of the painted beams. Allowing light to illuminate from the top and the bottom of the fixture, eliminating shadows.

Fifth, the final decorative touches. Nature prints matted and framed to give a sense of professionalism to the space. Plants, vases, wood carvings, and even a jar filled with candy for the reception area was included.

The make over was meant to complement not distract from the existing office furniture. By adding bright colors, textures, lighting, and accessories the office now has a professional ambiance to it. After all it is an office and quite an Asset to the Danville Livery Mercantile I might add!

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