$ TIPS For The Perfect Porch !

Don't you just love a good porch! Most of us are so busy we sometimes forget to use that outdoor space or room to nurture ourselves. My friend Kate has a sun porch at her home that is to die for! When you have lemonade on her porch you are transported back in time to when life was simpler. You're a child again and it's summer! The level of relaxation you experience is so healing and you don't have to spend a lot to catch that feeling again.

Here are some tips I picked up from Kate and others who have great porches;

· Use old wicker with lots of pillows and cushions for seating. Nothing says "come and nap a while" like an old wicker sofa. $ TIP, any small outdoor settee will do and Orchard Supply has them for under $50. Just make sure you lavish it with pillows.
· Make use of accent and end tables painted in soft colors like sherbet orange and green. $ TIP, don't worry that they don't match, they're not supposed to! Get indoor tables and paint them with outdoor paint.
· Add a sisal or grass rug under the furniture grouping, a clean area designated just for bare feet. $ TIP, Walmart has the most inexpensive outdoor rugs available, but you can use your old indoor rug, that has seen better days, too.
· Include baskets of magazines, books and journals to write in. Once you're settled you may not want to get up again for these things. $ TIP, use an inexpensive laundry basket, they're bigger and look neat and tidy on the porch floor.
· And you simply must have a tray with a pitcher, glasses and festive napkins on one of those tables. $ TIP, you can pick these up at any discount store for $10.00 or less. Just make them colorful and playful, remember the porch is where you unwind.
· Add outdoor candles or small lamps for the evenings. $ TIP, use an old lamp. Paint it a soft cream color. Replace the shade with an inexpensive paper shade from Target. Paint the shade a soft color similar to the color used on the table. Run an extension cord to the nearest outlet.

If you're trying to decorate on your own strength and running out of ideas, enlist the help of a decorator like myself. My "TIPS" could save you time, energy, and $ in the long run. Call Toni Berry at 925.862.9064 to discuss what you're looking for!