Paint is absolutely the least expensive decorating product you can purchase to dramatically change the look of your home's interior or exterior. But For many it comes with a high price: color anxiety.

Some may call it paint paralysis - frozen in fear of using paint color inappropriately. But we make color choices every day - and often with confidence we are unaware of. We may be able to dress ourselves, our kids and our husbands, but an entire wall of color can be irrationally intimidating. It seems so easy to get it all wrong, so you freeze, right!

If you're losing your way in the quest for color, agonizing over countless paint chips that are now looking all the same and overwhelmed at the amount of time you're spending on indecisiveness, then you'd be wise to enlist the help of a color consultant. If you think this might be too expensive, think again. The cost of a color consultation will save you hours of time in repainting if you don't like it and find you've made a mistake in the color choice.

In a little over an hour, the color consultant visits you in your home, takes an overview of your spaces, your lifestyle and your personality. Out of that discussion you develop together a paint strategy that will tie everything together by:
*enhancing your home's decor through the use of well-chosen paint color
*creating a beautiful space making the most of your furnishings
*developing an entire color plan which you can work on room by room over time or simply fine-tuning your great beginning

At the end of the color consultants visit you will have a 3"x 5" color card of each of the colors specified. You will know exactly where each color is to be painted, trim, ceilings, niches, baseboards, windows, ect. ect. And you will also know what sheen each color will have. This knowledge goes a long way in keeping the paralysis and anxiety at a minimum!

Are you paralyzed and anxious about what color to paint your rooms? Have you painted only to be unhappy with the results? Get some peace of mind and make a Paint Color Consultation appointment. Let me help you get just the right color, in the right place, at the right price! Call 925.862.9064 for an in- home Paint Consultation!

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